Our Philosophy

The school philosophy can best be summarised as

B次元 (EPIC) is a non-for-profit, independent, coeducational school offering the Victorian Curriculum from Kindergarten to Year 12 and operates in an Islamic cultural and religious tradition, under the direction of the EPIC School Board.聽 Our staff and students are expected to follow the principles and values of the Islamic faith.

EPIC has a low fee structure so that it is possible for all interested families to attend. The College鈥檚 aim for our students is to achieve excellence in academic performance and to embrace Islamic values so that our graduates will exemplify the College motto:

鈥楽uccess Here and Hereafter鈥

Our Goals:

  • Develop student鈥檚 ability to think clearly, use intellectual reasoning to solve problems and make rational decisions;
  • Inspire and motivate students to learn Islamic values;
  • Nurture the individual child鈥檚 unique potential to allow full development of their creativity and sensitivity, and encourage personal integrity, love of learning and self-fulfillment alongside Islamic Faith and Spirituality;
  • Diagnose the learner鈥檚 needs and abilities, and design instructional strategies that develop skills and competencies in a step-by-step, sequential manner;
  • Transmit to young people the basic knowledge, skills, academic concepts and values necessary to interpret, participate in and ` 鈥榖e a contributing citizen in a democracy鈥;
  • Create an intense awareness of the critical social and environment issues, and develop a consciousness of responsibility and reform to ensure the survival of society and to maintain a safe and violent free community;
  • To encourage the highest level of community and parental involvement.

Enactment of our school philosophy

In all documents, in all practice by students and teachers, in work with the School Board and the community, in all teaching and learning programs, the vision of the school will sit at the centre and there is an expectation that all work aligns with the school vision.聽 Regular evaluation processes will be in place to measure performance in all areas of the school with respect to the implementation of the vision and values of the school.

The programs of, and teaching in, B次元 support and promote the principles and practice of Australian democracy, including a commitment to鈥

  • elected government; and
  • the rule of law; and
  • equal rights for all before the law; and
  • freedom of religion; and
  • freedom of speech and association; and
  • the values of openness and tolerance.