Bus Service

The Bus Service for our students offers door-to-door pick up/drop off from your home address.

Bus Service fees are $3.50 per one-way trip or $7.00 per return trip.聽 Students’ use their Compass Identity Card to swipe on/off our buses.聽 The college uses the which enables payments and allows families to track their child’s journey and notifies when they depart and arrive on each trip.聽聽

If you wish to register your child or have any queries, please contact the administration office on 03 9478 3323 or email us


Bus 1

BUS 1 (AM): North Melbourne 鈥 Carlton 鈥 Fitzroy 鈥 Preston

BUS 1 (PM): Preston 鈥 Fitzroy 鈥 Carlton 鈥 North Melbourne

Bus 2

BUS 2 (AM):聽Meadow Heights 鈥 Dallas 鈥 Glenroy 鈥 Broadmeadows
BUS 2 (PM):聽Broadmeadows 鈥 Glenroy 鈥 Dallas 鈥 Meadow Heights

Bus 3

BUS 3 (AM):聽Reservoir 鈥 Preston
BUS 3 (PM):聽Preston 鈥 Reservoir

Bus 4

BUS 4 (AM):聽Richmond 鈥 Collingwood 鈥 Clifton Hill 鈥 Heidelberg 鈥 Heidelberg West
BUS 4 (PM):聽Heidelberg West 鈥 Heidelberg 鈥 Clifton Hill 鈥 Collingwood 鈥 Richmond

Bus 5

BUS 5 (AM):聽Fawkner 鈥 Thomastown 鈥 Reservoir
BUS 5 (PM):聽Reservoir 鈥 Thomastown 鈥 Fawkner